Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.
Our Mission
We exist to demonstrate the power of God to everyone, everyday, everywhere.
Help us with our Mission in spreading the word!
Spread Love
  • Mission nasepna Kawlgam Kalaymyo leh akiim a om Kawlmi anungta Pasian thu athei naailo te tung ah gupkhiatna thu ataangko ding in January, 2016 pan kipan Kumkhat sung Pyidawtha khua a teeng Syama Cin San Nuam Zomi Agape Pawlpi mintawh khatkhat $170.00 tawh kipan pih hi.
Gather People
  • Bowling Green khuapi sungom Zomite sungah ahitheizahzah in panlakna leh huhnate zong kipiaden hi. Pawlpi hong kikhawmnuam apaithei nailote, dawn akulte pen Pawlpi Bus in kidawn in nopna dahnate ah zong kipanpihden hi.